Each of the five netball zones will be delivering a Netball New Zealand Talent Development Programme. The programme is developmental, progressive, learning and netball oriented.

The programme is designed to concurrently develop Umpires, Coaches and Players that are predominantly involved at the Secondary School level and demonstrating potential to achieve higher honours.
Players and Umpires invited to attend have been identified by Emerging Talent Selectors as having consistently performed during the 2013 season.

The players identified are Tier 2 level (refer to Athlete Pathway of Opportunity/Tier documents and Zone website) for further detail.
Dale Atkinson, NNZ Coachforce will run the Coach Development Programme assisted by Zone Coach Development Officer’s; Shan Jensen-Loach and Katie Horne. This is an excellent opportunity for coaches to learn how to work more efficiently with these players.

The programme will be held at St Peter’s, Cambridge on Saturday 22 February and Saturday 15 March 2014.

The programme fee is $100 per person for two full days (in each Zone)

The programme is designed to provide education and an opportunity for practical application of these learnings. The aim and objective of the programme is the same in each Zone providing the same opportunities throughout NZ.


  • Develop sound fundamental movement patterns (generic and role specific)
  • Provide opportunity and support to assist development
  • Educate in the Sport Science principles of strength and conditioning, mental skills, nutrition, fitness testing and monitoring
  • Provide a framework to retain and nurture talent who have potential for high performance achievement

All attendees will be required to complete a detailed profile that provides an overview of the individual and their experience.
Approximately 60 players and eight umpires will receive an invite. Once the athlete lists have been finalised this information will be sent to our Zone Centres and uploaded to our website

Athlete Life Component

  • Understanding the High Performance environment and demands
  • Being an athlete:
    - Self Sufficient
    - Communication and Compliance
    - Balancing multiple sporting codes
  • Athlete welfare
    - Injury reporting
    - Injury rehab and pre-hab

Parents/Caregivers and Support Coaches included in session.

Psychological Component

  • Mental Skills
    - Progressive mental skills from Day 1 to Day 2 and beyond
    - Homework exercises
  • Key components
    - Resilience
    - Emotional stability and consistent performance
    - Understanding positive and negative instances

Nutritional Component

  • Nutritional principles
    - Hydration and sports drinks
    - How to track and log food and fluid intake
    - Signs to watch out for…

Parents/Caregivers and Support Coaches included in session.

Physical Component

  • Fitness Testing
  • Testing Benchmarks and Percentage Progression
  • Strength and Conditioning

For more on High Performance Netball please click here 



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