Netball New Zealand (NNZ) recently announced the athletes selected in the 2017/18 Pathway to Podium (P2P) squad, five of them being from Netball Waikato Bay of Plenty.    

P2P is a talent development programme run in partnership with Sport New Zealand, High Performance Sport New Zealand and delivered through 14 regional talent hubs across the country. These regional hubs provide nationwide access to facilities and training close to the netballer’s home, family and peer support.

The P2P programme provides support and guidance in areas such as performance planning, training regimes, mental skills training, strength and conditioning, and nutrition.

The 2017/18 Pathway to Podium squad is:  


Grace Watson                     - WBOP  

Sydney Fraser                    - WBOP  

Ali Wilshier                          - WBOP^  

Courtney Elliott                  - WBOP  

Kate Littlejohn                    - WBOP^  

Briana Stephenson             - Central  

Jaydi Taylor-Chaffey           - Central^  

Julia Law                               - Central^  

Antonia Hei Hei                    - Central  

Kahurangi Sturmey             - Central^  

Olivia Clark                            - Mainland^  

Lily Fletcher                          - Mainland  

Kelera Nawai                        - Mainland^  

Lahaina-Lee Upu-Toparea - Northern^  

Ashleigh Garner                   - Northern^  

Asher Mason                        - Northern^  

Victoria Kolose                     - Northern^  

Tayla Earle                            - Northern  

Ofa Vatikani                         - Northern^  

Greer Sinclair                       - Northern^  

Bianca Nagaiya                    - Northern^  

Kate Heffernan                    - South^  

^ First year in squad  


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