This week (Saturday, 2nd April) our ranks were bolstered by the inclusion of WBOP Magic training partner Martina Reekers.  Martina played all four quarters. There is always a transition period for athletes playing in two squads and their availability for trainings due to loading and coaches being mindful of the need to balance their programme.

The first quarter WBOP National Netball League team looked tentative and the starting combination took time to settle especially when feeding the shooting circle.  The team was down by
11 (8/19) after the 1st Quarter.   WBOP came out more determined and aggressive and the ball into Martina hit their mark.  We lost the 2nd quarter 13/14. The injection of Hannah Ridling back from Splice Construction Magic duties saw the flow of the ball quickly out of the defence.  Georgia Bodle and Ngawai Hawera drove well through the court linked well to get the ball to the circle and into the shooters.

Central Manawa rallied and we went goal for goal most of the 3rd quarter with WBOP 9/11, down 30/44 going into the final quarter.
The ‘never give up’ attitude was evident and WBOP team stepped up their defence and put Central Manawa under pressure and scored the turnovers taken. The final quarter score was 12/12 and 42/56 final score.  With the loss from the first quarter by 11, the team battled to finish 14 goals adrift losing the last 3 quarters by 3. Some great learnings for this group going forward.

Martina Reekers 26/29 for 89.7%
Grace McLean 15/17 88.2% a
Summer Parekura-Kingi ½ for 50%
impressive total of 87.5%

Ngawai Hawera 17 Goal Assists , 29 Feeds and 23 Centre pass receives
Georgia Bodle 12 Goal Assists, 15 Feeds

Lineup before the game

Special thanks to our 2022 team sponsors: Stratum Consultants, Loan Market, Aramex, Usolz, Whakanui Farms, CWT Citywide Trees, Precise Roofing.


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