This is the first round robin competition involving the Waikato Bay of Plenty and Netball Northern Zone teams with games between Mainland, South and Central taking place on 6 July to 7 July in Timaru

 Zone Teams: 

Wintec WBoP Gold
Netball Northern A
Wintec WBoP Silver
Netball Northern B


Draw and Results: 

Saturday 29 June

Court 4 - 4.00pm Wintec WBoP Gold 74 v Wintec WBoP Silver 33

Court 4 -  6.00pm Netball Northern A 47 v Netball Northern B 35


Sunday 30 June

Court 4 -  9.30am Wintec WBoP Gold 65 v Netball Northern B 30

Court 5 -  9.30am Netball Northern A 66 v Wintec WBoP Silver 33

Court 4 -  2.45pm Wintec WBoP Gold 53 v Netball Northern A 37

Court 5 - 2.45pm Wintec WBoP Silver 46  v Netball Northern B 47


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