Making Magic Performance Pathway

Purpose: To grow a long term athlete performance plan that prepares netballers from the Magic Zone to compete at the highest level.









(Open 10 players + 4 training partners)


and maintenance

Maintaining and maximising performance.

The players’ physical, technical, tactical, mental and other capabilities are close to or actually fully developed. The programme is focused on competition and the training is aimed at optimising performance. Training is characterised by high intensity, relative high volume and regular preventative breaks. Players meet and maintain NNZ’s Player Profiles which include positional requirements and performance standards.

Magic Team Programme.

Silver Ferns Squad/Fast 5/NZ U21.

HPSNZ Programmes.

Club programmes.

NNL Team (Open age

Up to 16 players)



Complete development of elite skills and capabilities required for optimum performance.

This is the final stage of development, where the focus of the training is on completing a player’s development and optimising performance. For identified players, the refinement of physical, technical, tactical, mental and other skills required (e.g. media, team skills, performance planning) are grown in a pre-elite competition.  Players identify their standard within NNZ’s Player Profiles which include positional requirements and performance standards.

Magic NNL Team.

NZ Development Squad.

NNZ U21 programme

Club and School programmes.

Aotearoa Maori Netball programme.

Zone Performance Programmes Level 1 (U17 70+ players) and Level 2 (U19 up to 20 players)





Developing pre-elite netball skills to manage increased physical and mental demands.

Optimise the development of individual, fitness, positional, team and competition skills to transition into the BEKO and Magic environment.  Quality of the programme content is ensured through delivery by qualified personnel identified by HPSNZ, NNZ and Magic Zone. Players are introduced to NNZ’s Player Profiles which include positional requirements and performance standards and plan a long term approach to meeting requirements.  * NNZ Player Profiles

Magic Zone Performance


Pathway to Podium programme HPSNZ.

Club and school performance programmes.

NNZ U21 programme.

NNZ Secondary School programme.

Aotearoa Maori Netball programme.

Centre and 8 Cluster U19 and U17 representative teams. School teams.


Developing higher-level netball skills and physical capability in competition.

Develop higher-level netball competition skills and provide appropriate competition to enhance learning and the opportunity to be identified for representative teams and Performance Programmes.  NNZ and National Standard qualifications are recognised as a prerequisite to delivery of programmes for coaching, umpiring, selection and other services e.g. mental skills and physio treatment.

Zone cluster teams.

Centre, clubs and Schools Netball Performance Programmes.

Aotearoa Maori Netball programme.

Centre and 8 Cluster U15 and U13 representative teams.  Schools competitions UNISS and AIMES


Learning all the fundamental netball skills and developing basic physical capabilities, while continuing to develop all-round sports skills.

Players learn how to train and consolidate the basic skills of netball. They are introduced to netball technical and tactical skills, including positional skills and basic performance-enhancing techniques, e.g. warm-up, cool-down, nutrition, hydration, recovery, goal-setting, etc. This is a critical period for physical and skill development. The focus of training is on learning rather than competing, and a balance between training and playing is struck. Participants should continue to play a range of sports for their all-round development. At this age initial selection into centre and cluster representative teams are introduced.  Players often find they are in demand from other sports to specialise before they have fully developed their athleticism, NNZ has introduced Player Development Guidelines to guide time commitment to physical development. * NNZ Player Development Guidelines

Zone Cluster teams.

Centre and Schools Development Programmes.

NNZ Secondary Schools programme.

Aotearoa Maori Netball programme.

Schools, Centres and ANZ Future Ferns programme

(Age 5-11)


Participation and learning fundamental movement and netball skills.

The program is well-structured and fun. The emphasis is on the overall development of the participant’s fundamental motor skills and physical capabilities using netball-related, skill-development activities. This is a critical period for motor skill development. Correct running and jumping, passing and catching and basic netball skills should be taught, and participation in a range of sports encouraged for all-round development. Simple rules and ethics are also introduced.

Centres, clubs, schools, commercial ‘athlete development’ companies and Zone fundamentals programmes.

Aotearoa Maori Netball.

*Refer to for specific details of Player Development Guidelines.  NNZ Player Profiles can be accessed through the Zone Performance Managers.   Reference: This document was written in relation to Long Term Athlete Development Models with specific reference to the AFL athlete development model.


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