Saturday 11th May  2024

After a bye weekend, WBOP had a couple of weeks to continue to build, along with a break to reset. With the team arriving refreshed and having set their goals for the game, they were ready to fight for a win.

Both teams started well, going goal for goal, and moving the ball through the court with speed. WBOP got a few early pick ups allowing them to extend their lead to 4 at the 10-minute mark. However, Southern Blast secured 3 defensive rebounds which helped them keep the score close. With a late run of 4 goals, Southern Blast closed the gap at the end of the quarter. First quarter 13 – 12 to WBOP.
Quarter score: 13 - 12 to WBOP

With the injection of Ashley Maylor into GA and Ivana Rowland moving to GS, the ball found itself a bit easier to the shooters. The defensive pressure began to increase with WBOP getting gains, allowing the shooters to score 6 in a row extending the lead out to 7. Ashley slotting 13 out of the 16 goals that quarter. WBOP winning the quarter 16 – 9.
Half time score: 29 - 21 to WBOP

In the third quarter, Kate Taylor was introduced at GS. With the team battling hard they managed to get a few intercepts and a couple of rebounds allowing them to extend the lead out to 11 in the first half of the quarter. But Southern Blast weren’t giving up, they had hands over every ball and WBOP struggled to maintain momentum. Southern Blast pulling the gap back to 7 winning the quarter 10 – 11.
Three quarter score: 39 – 32 to WBOP

WBOP continued to fight in the final quarter, however, with 8 turnovers and only 3 gains it was the shooting accuracy that helped them not let the gap slip. All 3 shooters who went on in that quarter scoring 100%. Southern Blast winning the quarter 10 - 11.
Full time score: 49 – 43 to WBOP

Overall, it was a great fight for WBOP and they maintained composure. Reeghan de Bono getting 4 defensive rebounds and 4 intercepts. Charlice Bryce also getting 4 defensive rebounds and a couple of intercepts.

Game 4


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