Monday 3rd June

WBOP began the match with a hiss and a roar getting two early runs of 3 thanks to the tight defensive pressure throughout the court.

This resulted in a 5 goal lead half way through the quarter. At the 10 minute mark, Hylan Potts had a nasty fall injuring her ankle which saw her miss the rest of the game. Ashley Maylor was injected into WA, picking up 2 intercepts allowing the team to push out to a 7 goal lead. Both Kate Taylor (12/12) and Ivana Rowland (7/7) scoring 100%. WBOP winning the first quarter 19 – 12.

Quarter score: 19 - 12 to WBOP

The second quarter was an even match up, both teams making their fair share of errors. However, the Comets defence picked up 3 gains compare to our 1 gain, allowing them to win the quarter 12 – 11.

Half time score: 30 - 24 to WBOP

In the third quarter many changes were made across the court and WBOP had to quickly build their connections to keep the momentum going. During the quarter Comets managed to get three runs of 3 goals which narrowed the score rapidly. The Comets defensive pressure stepped up a notch forcing WBOP to make a few errors. Comets winning the quarter 17 – 11.

Three quarter score: 41 – 41 to Draw

With a new raft of changes throughout the court for WBOP, Comets managed to shoot out to a 3-goal lead early in quarter. WBOP were working overtime with Jessie Taylor picking up 2 intercepts and 2 defensive rebound to help keep the score tight. With Comets leading most of the quarter, WBOP managed to pull it back to a draw with six minutes left on the clock. WBOP held their composure and knew they needed to secure the win to keep their finals hopes alive.

WBOP winning the quarter 17 -15.

Full time score: 58 – 56 to WBOP

It was a thrilling game to watch, both teams fighting hard and both coaching teams adjusting their combinations to try and push through. Kate Taylor finished the game shooting an outstanding 39/40 goals at 98%. The win has elevated WBOP to third place on the points table with two matches to go. WBOP will play Mainland in Hamilton on Sunday 9th June and then fly to Invercargill to play Southern Blast on Saturday 15th June.


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