Tania Fink and Wirihana (Wids) Wilson were named in the 2022 National Umpire Squad for the 2022 edition of the ANZ Premiership and Synergy Hair Netball League. Tania is in her fifth year in the squad whilst Wids has been named for the first time.

Supporting the high-performance umpire team in our Coaching & Selection team are Jan Teesdale (National Umpire Squad Coach) and Pam Clayton (Convenor of Umpire Selectors).

The full squad is;


Angela  Armstrong-Lush
Myron Elkington
Gracey Farquharson
Tania  Fink
Gareth  Fowler
Marlissa  Howard
Sasha McLeod
Ken Metekingi
Zak  Middleton
Cory Nicholls
Kristie  Simpson
Kiani  Smith*
Michelle Stagg
Wirihana (Wids) Wilson*

* New members to the National Umpire Squad in 2022

National Umpire Squad Coaches

Kirsten Lloyd
Fay Meiklejohn
David Palaamo
Jan Teesdale

National Umpire Selectors & Performance Reviewers

Colleen Bond
Pam Clayton (Convenor)
Sheena Tyrrell


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